What Makes a Good Marketing Strategy?

A well thought through marketing strategy is the only way you’ll reach your ideal customers, generate sales and leads and drive ROI.

Marketing strategy planning

Have you ever worried that you’re wasting money on marketing? Do you spend hours posting on social media but see little return for your efforts? Or are you a start-up struggling to establish your online presence and drive customers to your website? 

The key things your marketing strategy needs are:

  1. A clear explanation of the issue your organisation, product or service addresses. 
  2. Information about your current situation on that issue, such as how many many people’s problems you’ve solved, or how people’s charitable donations have made a difference to your cause so far.
  3. A set of clear, measurable objectives that link to your business goals.
  4. Insights about your customers, previously successful marketing campaigns and marketing data to help you understand how to move forward.
  5. Tactics that will help you move forward – these are activity ideas that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.
  6. A plan that is easy to action and is measurable so you can track your success.

The basic steps

Your marketing strategy can take any format you like. It can be a written document, series of post-it notes on the office wall or diagram. But the most important thing is that it’s always available to the people who need it and it’s easy to understand. When writing your marketing strategy include these 6 simple sections: 

Include objectives in your strategy

Include between 2-3 objectives that will help you achieve your business goals. Make sure they are measurable, easy to understand, and most importantly, achievable. Each objective should include an activity you will do to help you achieve that objective, and a numerical measure so you can track your success in delivering it.

List your audiences

Create a pen portrait for each of your ideal customers. Include details such as age, gender, income, employment, daily routine, social media channels they engage with, hopes, fears and aspirations. Ultimately you need insights into who it is your marketing is talking to, what your product means to them and how you can help them.

Select your marketing channels

Use the information you gathered in your pen portraits about the channels your audiences are using and the types of content they’re engaging with to select the marketing channels that are right for your business. Think about the tasks involved in managing these channels and how much time it will take.

Determine your conversion points

So you know your audience and you’ve an idea what channels they are on. Now you need to think about the point in their customer journey that you want them to act. Your goal is to convert every view of your content into an action by your audience. Decide what your conversion points will be, these could be a newsletter sign up, sale, follow or an event registration. On social media it’s very easy to ask for a like, follow or share. But on your website or in an email you’ll normally need to use a form to convert your customer.

How will you measure success?

Make a list of tools including website and social media analytics that you will use to track the success of the activities you outlined in your marketing objectives. If you find your activity is not performing as you planned, be responsive and change your tactics. 

Include the resources you’ll need to deliver your strategy

Finally, list your chosen channels, the activities associated with that channel, the time you will spend on each activity and how frequently you will act. It is important to be realistic about what is achievable with your available budget, time and resources.

A marketing strategy is not set in stone. You should adapt and amend it as you learn more about how your campaigns are working and your customer behaviour. Ultimately, it is your bible to refer back to to provide clarity and direction and help you achieve your long term business goals.

No matter where you are with your marketing strategy planning, we are happy to help. If you’re interested in working together or have a question about marketing strategies get in touch

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